“Light Seeker, Memory Maker”


Because that is exactly what it is, an Investment. Custom Photography is about ART, the experience of your photographer, professionalism, client service, and fabulous end products that you will admire for years. I spend time with my clients to get exactly what they want to achieve the outcome we can all be proud of!


Investing in Custom Portraiture

Travel time and Time spent capturing your gorgeous images.

All the “behind the scenes” to make my art happen…organizing, processing, and retouching each of your images and creating a unique gallery.

Session Reveal and Ordering Session from your personalized gallery.

Let’s discuss inspirations and visions…during our Pre-Session Consult, either in-person over coffee or via phone if preferred.

Photoshoot and Wardrobe Styling. After having worked in the fashion industry I couldn’t resist including a Walk-in closet for my clients full of props and beautiful dresses to choose from.

Professional Gear along with the Knowledge and Experience to use it!

As you can see… there is a great deal of time involved in creating high-end custom photography sessions for my clients.

What’s Involved

My ultimate goal is to provide you with beautiful, timeless works of art to enjoy for years to come. I work with the most elite professional lab and album vendors in the industry. My computer monitors are calibrated with their printing profiles to ensure accurate color profiles and perfect clarity. In doing so, I am able to provide my clients with the best quality prints & products available. Please know that the quality of product you receive from my studio is exceptional, and prints made at your local department store or drug store will not compare.

However, I have come to realize that many clients want digital copies to keep or to share on family blogs, on social media sites, or for printing in years to come. So, I offer high-resolution files with All portrait packages, as well as a la carte.