I’m a creative, inspired soul.
I’m a doting momma of 2 amazing boys, Sebastian and Oliver; and my boys help me
look for inspiration every day.

Staci L Reece


When I was a little girl, I developed a passion for all things glamorous, and that holds true today, whether it is with my camera, my home, or the outfit I put together for the day. Now I prefer to take a fresh approach to “Grown-Up Glam”.
I find relaxation in shopping, yoga, and in my cup of coffee before the chaos of the day begins.

I am proud of where I am from. Born and raised in a small town in North Carolina, I moved to New York City after college full of ambition and drive. My southern values are always present and my accent reappears when I am talking to my family and friends. Five years later I went from the east side of Manhattan to Miami, where I worked in the fashion industry.
Becoming a mom changed priorities, and we traded the city life for life in the “burbs”. I am happy to call Johns Creek, outside of Metro Atlanta, home.

The South meets the North


I believe in Retail Therapy. 

Serious sweet tooth. 

I have a slight obsession to magazines, but not for the celebrity gossip. I get my photography inspirations from the images.

I LOVE fashion and styling, I worked for Gucci... BUT I have a different type of Black Belt (the kick butt kind).

I'm an Introvert, and write A LOT. My 3rd grade teacher predicted that as my profession.